Streamlining Real-Time Data Integration with Simplement Roundhouse

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, organizations rely heavily on real-time data to make informed decisions and drive operational excellence. One of the key challenges they face is efficiently integrating data from SAP source systems to various enterprise platforms. That’s where Simplement Roundhouse comes in, offering a modern message-based streaming architecture that enables seamless data movement in real-time.

The Power of Real-Time Data Integration

Real-time data integration is essential for organizations to stay agile, responsive, and competitive. By harnessing the power of Simplement Roundhouse, businesses can extract data from their SAP source systems and instantly transfer it to a wide range of enterprise platforms such as Databricks, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Snowflake, MySQL, Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2, and Amazon S3. This enables teams to access up-to-date and accurate information, empowering them to make critical business decisions promptly.

Unparalleled Data Integrity

Traditional database replication methods may fall short when it comes to ensuring data integrity. Simplement Roundhouse overcomes this challenge by offering a design aligned with SAP’s vision for application integration. With its live data feed continuously updated from all SAP sources, Roundhouse provides a comprehensive view of data that is transformed into a semantic layer. This intuitive view makes data more accessible and eliminates the complexities often associated with SAP data structures.

Accelerated Reporting and Custom Solutions

Roundhouse’s streamlined data integration and semantic layer approach provide a significant advantage when it comes to reporting and custom solutions within an organization. By simplifying and transforming difficult-to-read data, Roundhouse empowers business users to gain actionable insights quickly. The platform’s functional reporting accelerators, designed by SAP experts, enable fast and efficient reporting tailored to specific business needs.

Easy Deployment and Scalability

Implementing Simplement Roundhouse is a seamless process, whether for a department or an entire enterprise. The platform’s flexibility allows for rapid deployment, ensuring minimal disruption to ongoing operations. With Roundhouse, businesses can scale their data integration efforts effortlessly, accommodating growing data volumes and evolving business requirements.

A Partnership for Success

Simplement’s deep understanding of SAP and its commitment to helping organizations overcome SAP data challenges are key factors that set them apart. Their legacy Data Liberator™ platform brought accelerated and flexible reporting to SAP ECC customers, and Roundhouse continues this tradition of excellence. With Simplement as your trusted partner, you can unlock the full potential of your SAP data and drive meaningful business outcomes.


In the era of real-time decision-making, effective data integration is a game-changer. Simplement Roundhouse provides organizations with the tools they need to streamline real-time data integration, transform data into intuitive views, and accelerate reporting. By leveraging the power of Roundhouse, businesses can harness the true value of their SAP data, enabling them to make data-driven decisions with confidence.

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