Any SAP Database to Any Target

Bring Your SAP Business Data to Life

Continuous, real-time data replication to your cloud data lake or data warehouse

Navigate reporting challenges with confidence

We can help you deliver increased productivity and value today with our solutions.

Free Your Data

More data visibility

Simplement sets your SAP data free—in real-time! Our revolutionary technology and Business Logic provide the power to unlock visibility and endless possibilities for growth.

Gain Real-Time Access

Get faster insights

Our platform grants you real-time access to your data, allowing you and your team the freedom to make informed decisions with speed and confidence.

Reporting from SAP ISU

Simplify your reporting

Merge data from SAP ISU and SAP ECC in real time. Our tools ensure the preservation of your SAP environment while offering superior functionality.

Clear that Reporting Backlog

Fast & transparent reports

Our solutions provide comprehensive self-service reporting capabilities. We eliminate backlogs and data warehouse delays.

No Costly Upgrades

Expert SAP Specialists

There’s no extensive reorganization of systems and data with Simplement’s tools. We’re a low cost alternative to restructuring SAP.

Business Solutions

Unshackle SAP Capabilities

Our tools run on SQL for business reporting, closing the gap between SAP capabilities and your business needs. Unlock the full potential of your SAP data.

Meet Roundhouse™️

We are SOLELY focused on helping SAP customers get faster, easier and simpler access to their data

We enable end users to create their own data visualizations. Roundhouse frees your data in SAP for fast, real-time, flexible reporting using familiar analytics platforms, like Power BI, Databricks, Snowflake, and more. Our implementation team can have you up and running within a week.

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Get Real-Time Reporting & access to your data, 24/7
Our goal is to improve performance & flexibility in your reporting.
We will save you millions of dollars each year.
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power bi vs sap bo, lights, simplement logo

Power BI vs SAP BO

Choosing the Right Business Intelligence Solution with Simplement’s Integration Executive Summary: Full Post: SAP recognizes that the legacy combination of BOBJ/BW must be replaced.  Business

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