Any SAP Database to Any Target

You need Real Time SAP Data Now

SAP Certified Real Time Reports and Data from any data lake or data warehouse, on prem or cloud

Extract SAP Data Real Time Access

We Pull Back the Curtain for Access to All of Your SAP Data

We can help you deliver increased productivity and value today with our solutions.

Free Your Data
Full Data Visibility

You need transformational reporting, now. Real time. Sales MTD. Sales YTD. On your PHONE.
Root Cause Analysis now. Vlookup? Pivot Tables? Manual lookups? Nevermore.

Gain Real-Time Access
Get Faster Insights

Powerful insights are behind a curtain in SAP. This is common. Business Warehouse, Business Objects, custom reports are hard to create, access, modify. Get FULL access in weeks to real time data.

Centralize SAP Data
Simplify Reporting

Got multiple SAP systems? Migrating to S4 HANA? Merge ECC with S4 data – in weeks. Real time audits, reports, or system validation with easy reporting. Data NEVER leaves your network.

Real Time?
As Fast as Your Network

Make a change in SAP, click Save – reports update in minutes or less. Even to Fabric / Power BI on a PHONE. Blocked Sales Orders? Half picked production? Inventory real time? Yes.

How does this work?
Fast Setup, Fast Reports

We are SAP experts who want the best for your business. SAP data lands in your preferred data warehouse or data lake then Power BI or other end user tool. Then you make informed decisions, FAST.

Do We Control Our Data?
Built in Security and Governance

Data NEVER leaves your Network. Control the target: AWS S3 / Azure / Databricks / Fabric / SQL / MySQL / MariaDB / Postgres / HANA / Snowflake – pick a report platform, then unlock your SAP data, real time.

Meet Roundhouse™️

Designed for the Fortune 100 and YOU to get faster, easier, real time reports from SAP data. Its all we do.

Got talent? Did you give them the BEST tools? Users LOVE Simplement because they find EVERYTHING they need. Enable end users to create their own reports, fast. Roundhouse extracts SAP data for any platform: Power BI, Fabric, Databricks, Snowflake, and more. Our team can get your SAP data in your data warehouse or data lake within a week, for ANY business function.

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Get Real-Time Reporting & Access to Your Data, 24/7
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We will save you millions of dollars each year.
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