Faster, Easier, Simpler

Simplement is focused on SAP data. As our name implies (Simple Implementations), Simplement was founded to simplify implementation of SAP systems. Back when we started in 1998, we worked very closely with the SAP Simplification Group at SAP Labs in Palo Alto, California. From day one, we have focused on making SAP data more accessible to end users.

As time passed, our experience with SAP increased, but we kept hearing the same unmet needs. “SAP is great for running my business transactions but I can’t get the reports I need.” From our technical and functional SAP backgrounds and our experiences in Microsoft Business Intelligence, we challenged ourselves to find a better way to report on the vast store of data inside of SAP.

The result was the Simplement Data Liberator™ and now Roundhouse™ for S4/HANA. Rapid implementation for real time access to any SAP data, from any SAP source, to any target.

Extract SAP data in to Microsoft PowerBI