Extract SAP Data: How to Retrieve Data from Your SAP System

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SAP Reporting

Let’s start with an assumption, you want to extract SAP data for powerful reports, integrated with your enterprise reporting, and/or external systems. SAP is great at transactions although getting data out for reporting is difficult. Simplement started in 1995. We have a history of moving data out of SAP into Databases, Data Lakes, EDW’S, et cetera. We can help you easily deliver real time data from your SAP systems and reports in weeks. Or you can choose a time consuming fight with a bunch of asynchronous extractions.

Extract SAP Data

The vast majority of Simplement customers use data extracted by Roundhouse or Data Liberator with Fabric, Power BI, or Tableau for final analyses. Customers use Simplement’s easy to use GUI to select tables in a few clicks. After data is loaded, real time updates are pushed to the target. Customers then use tools like SQL Server Reporting Services, SQL, DataBricks, Snowflake, et cetera. Why is this an advantage? The talent pool. There are LOTS of talented analysts with expertise using SQL. 

Question — how many Datasphere experts do you know? Do you want to pay for their on-the-job-training?


Using built-in work arounds is really a dead end. If it was great you wouldn’t be here looking for alternatives.

Extracting SAP data using SE16N has multiple limitations. First a user must be granted access, data selection is difficult, and large queries negatively impact the SAP system. And the data is dead the moment it is extracted. Queries don’t include header and detail data without a join. Downloading data into a spreadsheet risks of data corruption, row limitations, and downloading multiple tables to join introduces risk of asynchronous data where one table has key data not included in the other table.

SAP Focused – Always

We don’t just extract SAP data. We are focused on helping SAP users be confident and successful with powerful reporting. Raw SAP data is difficult to work with. We make real time data as simple as possible AND deriving insights as simple as possible. Our approach is table based, with filter options for horizontal filters (i.e. filter rows like company codes) and vertical filters (i.e. extract only columns that you need). Adding a table is easy: just type in the table name verified from SAP, select the desired columns and select destinations. Roundhouse was designed to feed multiple destinations standard for governance and flexibility.

Don’t know the table you need? Search options are built in so you can find tables by functional area and then add them to replication.

Simplement is the only SAP First tool

Lots of ETL integration tools can connect to SAP. Simplement is the only company that designs ONLY for SAP. With a focus on SAP, we understand the importance of the data, storage formats (transparent, pool, cluster et cetera.), date/time conversions, exchange rates. A generic ETL / ELT tool isn’t sufficient. If that doesn’t mean anything to you, that is ok. The key point is that we simplify using the data for reporting which equals, faster reports, faster insights, faster root cause analysis (RCA). To empower users, we match collations with SAP, align data types and lengths, and most importantly, include full table names and full column names. Rather than the 4 or 5 letter code, we include the full name so anyone can validate data and fields with the SAP system.

SAP to Reports

We are SAP first and deliver data to users along with abundant reporting accelerators as a starting point for customer reports. We deliver views with full table names, in multiple languages, instead of short SAP technical names. Our SmartStarts have full working models for Accounts Receivable (A/R), Accounts Payable (A/P), Purchasing, General Ledger, Overhead, Asset Management, MRP Analyzer, Sales Order Status dashboard, and more. If you are fighting with VA05 / VA05N for order status or custom reports (are you going to pay to migrate and test that in S4 too?), you’ll love our Sales Order Status Dashboard.

We also have full, multi-level, cross-plant Bills of Material (BOMs), HR Org Hierarchy, and New Product Introduction / Phase In Phase Out reporting. And if you would like, we’ll help you set up reports to check on your phone.

Extract SAP data in days and complex reports in weeks

Go ahead and get ahold of us. Wherever you go in SAP, chances are we’ve been there before and have tools and views to get you started. We would be happy to learn about your particular needs and see if we can help you achieve your goals. If we can’t we will let you know right away. Oh, and one more thing, we are ridiculously affordable!

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