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Extract SAP data to Fabric vs SAP BO

SAP Data Analysis in Fabric or Power BI

Executive Summary:

You need SAP data for ad hoc root cause analysis, Key Performance Indicator (KPI) dashboards, and status reporting dashboards with built in Governance. You can use Fabric or Power BI or any other tool. If you use Business Objects (SAP BO) or Business Warehouse (BW), you can use Simplement in parallel. Feed any SAP data to Fabric or Power BI and retire BO / BW like our customers.

Simplement solely focuses on helping SAP businesses make great decisions by empowering analysts and data consumers. Simplement created Roundhouse™ to extract SAP data from both ECC and S/4, feed a data lake or data warehouse, and help deliver real time data to users.

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Business Objects was created in 1990, Business Warehouse in 1998. Both require time consuming steps for IT departments. We make it easy to create and modify reports and feed Fabric or Power BI or any other analysis tool.

You hired talent with expectations, did you give them great tools?

Simplement users LOVE Simplement because they find all the SAP data they need. Simplement’s Roundhouse was designed for Real Time, Lightweight, Low Cost, Comprehensive Reporting from SAP. This means:

  • Real Time: Saving a change in SAP pushes to your data lake then update reports when refreshed
  • Lightweight: Designed for speed and minimal impact on SAP systems
  • Low Cost: Low cost to install and maintain for unlimited users
  • Comprehensive Reporting: Any selected SAP data is extracted and replicated: analyze detailed data, check specific Sales Order details, Master Data gaps, Production Order status and anything more

And total control of the data. Data never leaves customer control. Pick the database, configure for governance, use SAP security if desired, select only desired data to minimize storage costs.

Risks: Not starting now. Fortune Global 100 customers use Simplement (SAP Certified) for a reason: ADVANTAGE. SAP proposes that customers migrate to S/4 and use SAP Datasphere and SAP Analytic Cloud (SAC). These tools will require custom creation of all of your reports, during migration. Is your team trained using these tools? This equates to huge expense for migrating, then a huge expense for recreating reports, all while keeping business running.

Let us help you with powerful ECC reporting now and later merge S4 data in existing reports. During S4 migration you’ll catch sales orders with errors, cancellations, reschedulings, A/P issues, Master Data gaps… What about the dreaded Material Determination settings? Audit anything easily before go live.

Simplement: We have Global Fortune 100 experience, deliver any text, any cluster data from RFBLG / STXL / PCL2 / PCLX / MDTC (MRP) or any Pool data for domains and descriptions. Your data is in SAP, get what you need to build the best reports for your teams. Simplement has SAP expertise, Business expertise, Database expertise, Reporting expertise.

Weeks: We deliver data in days and reports in weeks. Roundhouse is the only solution certified for S/4HANA and also supports SAP Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase ASE, etc. We built Roundhouse with an intuitive browser interface, easy to install, simple to use, and simple to integrate.

Multiple SAP BO Systems: Roundhouse can help extract SAP data from all of your systems, with auto currency conversions, allowing data merge from all systems for consolidated reporting. Simplement Report Ready Information (RRI) solutions cover many business areas, including General Ledger, Inventory, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Sales Orders, Overhead, MRP, etc. 

BO Challenges: You want root cause analysis now. A primary difficulty for analysts is data access. If data isn’t in BW reports, getting answers can mean mining SAP inefficiently at great expense. Simplement delivers all SAP data so any data can be reviewed. Need another table or description for clarity, add it with a few clicks.

A secondary difficulty is creating reports. Analysts often know SQL, so give them access to ad hoc reporting access. Help them create valuable dashboards, with exception reporting built in. Simplement has created a broad selection of preconfigured templates and reports easily modified for quick deployments and report creation.

If you are on ECC or migrating to S/4HANA, start with Simplement now. Access ECC data real time, now, and use S/4HANA compatibility views (created by Simplement) to quickly merge data from both systems and reduce the cost to spin up new reports at S4 go live.

Start Up: We can do a POC in a week, with your data.

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