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HR reporting differs from most functional areas as it is mostly master data based. What is the turnover in a department, what’s the average time to hire for various positions, are we meeting our diversity goals etc. are all questions that are answered by analyzing HR master data. While some infotypes represent actions, fundamentally they are master data as there are no quantities or costs associated with them. Payroll on the other hand has transactional data. We can help you make sense of all SAP HR data.

The Problem

SAP HR Data is locked in over 100 tables and some data is stored in customer specific cluster tables. The first challenge is getting the data out of SAP and into a usable format. This entails not only moving the data but de-clustering the encrypted data.

Once the data is out there are a number of steps to making this data usable. A key component to all HR reporting is the HR Org Structure. This hierarchical structure is normally organized by O-S-P (Organization, Position, Person), having this structure in an accessible, joinable format is essential. Many HR reports are based on rollups of a specific segment of the org structure. For example, what is the total payroll for the shipping department in company code 1010.

Enter Simplement: Empowering HR Data Management

We have been working with SAP HR since R/3 4.6 . We have the long term expertise to decode all the intricacies of HR reporting.

Here are some key ways Simplement simplifies HR reporting:

  1. Streamlined Data Integration — Simplement’s solution seamlessly integrates with your existing SAP HR system, eliminating the need for complex data extraction and manual manipulation. This streamlines the data integration process, ensuring accurate and up-to-date HR data for analysis and reporting.
  2. Organization Structure Browser — Our HR Hierarch Projector decodes and generates the HR Organizational Hierarchy automatically. Taking into account effectivity dates. The standard delivered hierarchy is based on the O-S-P evaluation path. Other structures are supported as well.
  3. Payroll Clusters — SAP Payroll information with Gross Pay, Taxes, Benefit deductions and other information is stored in encrypted clusters. Roundhouse is able to convert this data into a tables making it easy to report.
  4. Data Security and Compliance — HR data contains sensitive and confidential information, making data security a top priority. Most customers opt to put sensitive HR data into a separate database — we include this option at no cost.

Make your life easier with Simplement

We have HR experts with years of experience on our team who develop baseline reports and datasets to get you working with your data immediately. Whether you are looking for HR data as part of an enterprise solution or as a stand alone one, we can help. Go ahead and contact us and we can talk about your specific needs.

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