Simplement Partners with Databricks to bring live SAP data via Simplement Roundhouse™ to the Databricks Lakehouse

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Simplement Roundhouse Powers your Business Intelligence with Real-Time Visibility of SAP Data Across Your Entire Organization

April 04, 2023 08:22 PM Eastern Daylight Time

SAN JOSE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Simplement, an industry leader in SAP data solutions, today announced a partnership with Databricks, the lakehouse company, to bring to customers the benefits of Simplement’s new Roundhouse platform for extracting and transforming SAP data. Simplement now delivers large volumes of real-time SAP data via an optimized Databricks Delta Lake connector.

“We’re excited to introduce Simplement’s integration to the Lakehouse Platform and help customers extend the value of their existing investments into SAP data modernization.”

“Simplement, like Databricks, is focused on customer success, and together we have deep knowledge of the data that customers need,” said Robert MacLean, Founder of Simplement. “We are well-matched with Databricks because both companies foster a culture of ongoing innovation. We share a common obsession with enterprise customer success which is reflected in our determination to bring to market groundbreaking technology and solutions, and outstanding support. We don’t believe in ‘good enough’ and are always looking for continuous improvement. Our joint knowledge of SAP and enterprise data at scale allows us to transform business reporting and analytics for our customers.”

An organization’s ongoing digital transformation initiatives demand real-time data for informed business decisions. Together, Simplement and Databricks make information available in time for customers to fix operational problems, and not when it’s too late. Simplement’s SAP solutions are easy to install and operate, and cover all functional areas of SAP with exceptional performance.

Databricks’ Lakehouse Platform provides a single, unified solution for all major data and AI workloads, from streaming analytics and BI to data science and production machine learning. The integration with Roundhouse will deliver seamless, real-time access to a single source of SAP transactional data, regardless of SAP component or module, to drive more business value from data, analytics and AI investments.

“Organizations across every industry are looking to not only manage data effectively but operationalize the value from data, analytics and AI at scale,” said Shiv Trisal, Global Industry Leader for Manufacturing at Databricks. “We’re excited to introduce Simplement’s integration to the Lakehouse Platform and help customers extend the value of their existing investments into SAP data modernization.”


Simplement develops software solutions for SAP customers that helps thousands of business users gain on-demand access to their data from SAP without extensive IT involvement. As the name implies, Simplement makes data sourcing, data development, data blending, and end-user reporting a simple process. Simplement makes SAP data easy to use and easy to secure in a variety of front- end business intelligence applications. Simplement solutions deploy flexibly on premises or in the cloud and are completely scalable. Simplement’s new Roundhouse platform is the successor to its market-leading Data Liberator platform.

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