Dallas Weather and Supply Chain Risks

Dallas weather Storm Damage Power Outages

Dallas Storm Damage

Dallas weather has impacted an estimated 750,000 customers in North Texas on Tuesday May 28, 2024, the day after Memorial Day. Most importantly, hopefully anyone with critical electrical needs has great neighbors or family to lean on for aid. Storm damage is extensive and won’t be cleaned up for days. We are fortunate that Americans are so great to each other and might pass without greetings most of the time, but usually help like bffs when the shtf (stuff hits the fan). By the way, research shows that helping feels good. And if someone sees you help someone, they get a feel good boost too – so don’t wait. Do it when you can. 

Power Outages

People > things. After confirming personal safety, after confirming structural safety, its time to check further. If you have a business in the area, or customers, or vendors in North Texas, do you know if your employees are safe? Do you have a way to check? Do you know if you have customers or vendors impacted by the Dallas weather? What if they aren’t picking up the phone?

Supply Chain Information Now

The answers are in SAP. Just open it. Except its hard to get in one sweep. We can help get it ALL, FAST. Simplement can help you easily get any and all data related to your employees, customers, and vendors. Why do you need this? You need a full data set to delegate and initiate a risk assessment.

If you don’t have employee, customer, vendor data at the moment, an easy way to get it and protect it is with a new database in your target. Create a new database in your target, use Roundhouse to select the new target, select the tables with the data, and start feeding real time data. Why separate it? It might be sensitive. This method will allow you a chance to isolate the data for an isolated team to do the analysis, select critical data for analysis, and develop on going reporting for future use with sensitive information removed. Know what is sensitive already? Don’t select those columns and the data will never leave your SAP system.

Data Insights

Ok, we got tables and data. Now what? Isolate and join the tables, select a data set to push to Power BI or Fabric if you migrated, or something else, and review the data filtered for North Texas, Dallas, or roughly Texas. Someone should be able to get this done in a DAY. What? Yes, a day. All Employees, Customers, Vendors. If this sounds easy, it is because it is easy. This is what we do.

For Customers, check on all recent shipments that might be in transit. They might not have made it = you might need to send more. For any new shipments that are picked or in the queue to pick, you might want this allocated to other customers (if there is more inventory coming). We can help you find and see all of this information easily. This is the difference between Big Data and the right data.

Vendor Impact 

What is the impact of a vendor? Do you know? What criteria would you use? Here is a proposed path: get a profit ranking for the last 3 months, use your Bills of Material to find all related components, sum total the profit impacted by each component. Put another way: if you never got the component again, what revenue would stop? When would it stop (how much do you have on hand?). Wait, I want to know vendor impact. Easy, check to see all the components in the same data set you created, that are supplied by the same vendor. Wait, my vendor has lots of locations, no worries, add in the source address of the components – make sure you’re not getting distracted with billing addresses rather than shipment source.

Simplement = Simple

No time! Yes, in No Time. We can get all of this data for you fast. Need to get some more, add another table for the analysis in a few clicks. But our data center has a problem. Start up a new one. Wait? What? Yes. With Roundhouse you can start up a new dataset easily, in a new target, in a new datacenter, or locally. Your data never leaves your control. Simplement never has possession of your data or requires an interchange in the cloud. It is your data. Call us, we’ll help you. We’re not talking about replicating your whole SAP system here. We’re talking about the data necessary to get some number crunched for risk analysis so you can complete a damage assessment, determine resourcing risk mitigations and keep things on track.

SAP Focus

Our focus is SAP, so even for the data type used by one customer, we still tested every single data type, length, conversion, date, time, obfuscated dates, EVERYTHING. A Tool is not a good tool if it gets only part of the job done easy. We make it easy to get the extract SAP data, and easy to consume in reporting. For most business functions, we already have templates and reports already configured which means you can have data in days and reports in weeks.

Multiple SAP Systems

Check them all, fast. Roundhouse can be installed quickly, set up a target, get data. Put related data in the same place, fast and easy. Why? Because that’s what you need and we designed Roundhouse to do it. This is a great way to get started with consolidating financial data too. Wait? I can do that? Yes. You can do that too. Then drop business objects like it was storm damaged.

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