About Us


Simplement = Faster, Easier, Simpler

As our name implies (Simple Implementations), Simplement was founded to simplify implementation of SAP systems. Back when we started in 1998, we worked very closely with the SAP Simplification Group at SAP Labs in Palo Alto, California. From day one, we have focused on making SAP easier to use and more accessible.

As time passed, our experience with SAP increased, but we kept hearing the same unmet needs. "SAP is great for running my business transactions but I can't get the reports I need." From our technical and functional SAP backgrounds and our experiences in Microsoft Business Intelligence, we challenged ourselves to find a better way to report on the vast store of data inside of SAP.

The result is the Simplement Data Liberator™: Rapid implementation, ability to scale deep and wide, and support for a wide array of third party analysis tools are all characteristics of our solution set.

Our Team


Robert MacLean

Founder and CEO

Robert MacLean is an SAP expert and Systems Architect. His SAP certifications include FI-CO, NetWeaver Basis and OS/DB Migration. He has 20+ years of experience in SAP work, serving at Fortune 500 companies, a major utility, and with a venture-funded startup that utilized the SAP Preconfigured Client to achieve go-live in record time. He has designed security and SAP landscapes for both ECC and BW projects, for clients with up to 80,000 users. Robert is also an expert in data integration and interoperability, with a focus on SAP data. His experience with databases goes back to 1990, and he has participated in the Microsoft TAP (Technical Adoption Program) for SQL 2012. Prior to founding Simplement in 1997, he worked for SAP distributor Bramasol and for Origin Technology, a Global SAP Consulting Partner.


Marjorie Zander

VP of Architecture

Marjorie is our woman in Chicagoland. After completing her mathematical studies, she earned a law degree and acquired extensive experience working with CFO’s and controllers on finance projects. As a passionate enterprise architect, she has been supporting the Simplement team and its customers since 2009. She has worn a number of hats, including consultant, architect and trainer. She currently looks after manufacturing customers in the U.S. North Central area.


Bill MacLean

Chief Technology Officer

Bill is one of the original developers of the Data Liberator, and one of Simplement’s key consultants. After completing his degree in finance, Bill worked in the corporate finance sector, and subsequently earned his Certified Public Accountant license. Bill has been developing in the SQL language for over 30 years and he is certified in SAP FI/CO. Bill is also a certified instructor in the ORM (Object Role Modeling) data modeling language, and has taught data modeling to hundreds of corporate data architects and data analysts. In addition to consulting, Bill provides mentoring and knowledge transfer to our customers.

Bill says he likes working at Simplement, because “our product, the Data Liberator, is completely focused on using SAP data to solve business problems for our customers”.


John Kleinhenz

Strategic Account Executive

John has two main focuses, he helps our existing customers get the most value from the Simplement solutions and he works with potential customers on evaluating the Data Liberator and Smart Starts to help them improve SAP reporting. John has 25 years of working experience with enterprise software vendors, including 6 years at SAP. He has firsthand witnessed the pain that companies go thru with trying to run reports in SAP. By applying his experience from working at SAP he helps customers understand that the automatic transforms that we apply to their SAP data, eliminates their frustration and internal conflicts that come from SAP reporting.

When asked what he enjoys most about working at Simplement, John replied, “All of our employees are experts in their particular field. We have the world’s best SAP architects, SQL gurus and Power BI professionals. It is refreshing to work at a company that puts Customer Success at the forefront of the customer journey.”


Tim Connor

EMEA Sales Director

Tim is responsible for setting up the Simplement EMEA operations and building out the go-to market strategy to help customers improve SAP reporting. Tim has worked in the software industry for over 25 years with vendors such as Oracle, IBM and Progress Software. Most recently, Tim was the EMEA Industry Sales Director for retail, consumer goods, communications and media and hospitality and travel at Microsoft.

When asked what he enjoys most about working at Simplement, Tim replied, “Simplement is an energetic, lively and ambitious company with a hugely compelling set of solutions for the market place. Simplement has huge expertise in SAP, driving Digital Transformation and enabling massively improved data analytics to SAP customers.”


Walid Darwish

Sales Engineer

Walid comes with 8 years of experience in the IT industry, having played multiple roles across Sales and Delivery, in multiple IT domains. After completing his studies in the Computer Science department of the American University in Cairo, Walid embarked on a 6 year journey as an application developer at IBM, working on Enterprise Content Management (ECM) tools such as the FileNet platform and Datacap, and IBM’s cloud cognitive services portfolio. Following IBM, he joined Microsoft as a technical seller for over a year, focusing on the SQL Server and the Microsoft Azure Data Platform offerings. Throughout this journey, he has gained knowledge and understanding in multiple layers of IT infrastructures, on-premise and cloud, middleware, web frontend and backend. He also participated in projects from the very start in the bidding phases, following on to the requirements definition and actual delivery, through to support and maintenance, and often reiterating with subsequent phases.

When asked what he enjoys most about working at Simplement, he replied: “I am a focused team-player with a strong sense of ownership, and working in a tight-knit family of the same mindset is a real pleasure. In addition, I really enjoy the exposure to different industries and seeing how Simplement’s solutions positively impact different businesses.”


Aline Lopes

Partner Relationship Manager

As our Partner Relationship Manager, Aline’s focus is to build and preserve a trusting relationship with our Microsoft partner. Aline works in conjunction with our Sales Executives and Microsoft to identify potential customers in the LATAM region. She also responsible for selecting business and sales events that could be more profitable for Simplement to attend. Aline has years of experience working with international companies in France and Brazil as a Business Manager where she would pursue new customers and partners to help the companies meet their financial goals. Her experience working in diverse cultures and her multi-lingual skills (French, Portuguese, Spanish & English!), make her an excellent addition to our team.

When asked what she enjoys most about working at Simplement, Aline replied, “Simplement cultivates a truly collaborative atmosphere, focusing on the development of their employees. Also, at Simplement, the willingness to collaborate is very high, there is no “me” – it’s always about “we” and what we can accomplish together to meet our customers’ needs”.


Fabiola Castillo

Program and Contract Manager

Fabiola has two focus areas at Simplement. As a Program Manager she leads, coordinates and manages technical, marketing and sales efforts for the Smart Starts and Solution Templates software solutions for SAP customers. Fabiola guides and supports a group of BI and Data Modeling experts on product development initiatives. As well as manages activities involving the release of real-time reporting solutions to customers alongside business partner's project management teams. And as Simplement’s Contract Manager, Fabiola negotiates with customer's purchasing and legal departments for Software License and Services Agreements. Fabiola has previous experience in the Banking Industry, specifically within the Business Banking Division and the Technology Division.

When asked what she enjoys most about working at Simplement, Fabiola replied, “I have a passion for business, entrepreneurship and technology. Working at Simplement, together with their excellent team of professionals, have been a win-win experience for me. Every day you learn something new while providing solutions to the customers and tailoring them to their business needs.”


Karina Robledo

Operations Manager

As our Operations Manager, Karina’s responsibilities extend through various departments. Karina works on creating processes that ensures the company is running at full speed while improving internal organization and communication with our customers. She provides support and is often responsible for spearheading projects to completion through the implementation of effective methods and strategies (aka nagging). Karina is also responsible for managing our sunny Puerto Rico office by organizing and coordinating administration duties and office procedures. Karina has 5+ years of experience working with technology companies within various departments. Such as Business and Sales, as well as Accounting and other Administrative roles.

When asked what she enjoys most about working at Simplement, Karina replied, “Working with this amazing group of professionals”.


Tom Irvine

Senior Program Manager/Developer

As a Senior Program Manager and Developer, Tom’s responsibilities include application architecture/development, cloud system design/development, and development lifecycle management/DevOps. With over 20 years of development and technology experience under his belt, Tom is extremely knowledgeable in the areas of designing, building and managing large enterprise applications, as well as, building and operating cloud applications and platforms.

When asked what he enjoys most about working at Simplement, Tom replied that he enjoys, “working with a small, focused team that is only concerned with building the best solutions.”


Ravi Palejiya

Replication DBA / Manager - Project Implementation

Ravi helps our customers utilize Simplement’s platform effectively and provides solutions tailored to their needs. He provides technical support throughout all phases of a project, from project conception and Proof of Concepts to DevOps. Most of the work that Ravi does with our customers translates to better Simplement product development. Since Ravi’s day to day includes working with a wide variety of technologies, people and companies, he is always looking out for new ways to improve, not only himself, but also our company and solutions. Ravi’s current and past experiences involve working with all major Relation Database systems at a very detailed level. Ravi started out as an Oracle Database Administrator. Since then he has expanded his skills to understand the application and the whole technology stack. His technical skillset includes – SAP, Replication Technologies, Analytical tools, Report Tools, Scripting and compiled languages and Operating Systems.

When asked what he enjoys most about working at Simplement, Ravi replied, “I take pride in my ability to work independently, own the project and provide innovative solutions for difficult problems. At Simplement, you are never left alone with the problem.”


Chris MacLean

BI Developer

Chris’ main focus at Simplement is working on BI projects and implementations for customers, as well as designing and developing new BI products internally. Chris has over 5 years of experience in working with many different companies in various industries on BI projects with a focus on financial reporting.

When asked what he enjoys most about working at Simplement, Chris replied, “I enjoy the challenge of solving BI puzzles for customers and being on the cutting edge of BI reporting.”


Lisa Michalkiewicz


Lisa works closely with our customers, developing solutions, so they can fully leverage the data inside of SAP. Enabling them to make better and faster business decisions. Lisa has over 11 years of experience working in SAP ECC6.0 and SAP BI7.0. She has worked very closely with customers defining requirements and understanding the data in ECC and SAP. Her experience covers working extensively with data modeling, ETL work with SAP and non-SAP source systems and designing front-end reports using BEx Analyzer and Business Objects. Lisa also has many years of experience with ABAP, developing transformations, enhancing User Exits and creating custom programs and extractors with ABAP language.

When asked what she enjoys most about working at Simplement, Lisa replied, “I really enjoy working closely with our customers, helping them unleash their SAP data. It is great hearing how excited and happy they are with our products and how easy it is to implement and quickly analyze SAP data with our Smart Starts.”