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With Simplement’s SAP Certified Solution you get Real Time SAP data with easy to use names and prebuilt business data sets, in the targets of your choice – Data Lakes, Snowflake, SQL Server, Synapse, PostgreSQL, etc.

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Your Challenges
We understand your struggle.

If your organization suffers from the following challenges, contact us we can help you deliver increased productivity and value today with our solutions.

Trapped Data
Need Greater Data Visibility

Simplement liberates all of your SAP data in real-time. We offer SAP aware tools and Business Logic that deliver data visibility and functionality.

No Real-Time Access
Need Real-Time Access to Information

We offer you real-time access to your data while creating an environment for decision-making at all levels.

Reporting From SAP ISU
Difficulty in Reporting from SAP ISU

We merge data from SAP ISU and SAP ECC in real time. Our tools preserve your SAP environment while delivering functionality.

Backlog in Reporting
Slow Development of New Reports

Our solutions enable broad based self-serve reporting. We eliminate backlogs and data warehouse delays.

Costly Upgrades
Costly Upgrades and Specialist Consulting

There’s no extensive reorganization of systems and data with Simplement’s tools. We’re a low cost alternative to restructuring SAP.

Business Needs
Limited SAP Capabilities

Our tools run on SQL for business reporting, closing the gap between SAP capabilities and your business needs.

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Our Solutions

Simplement is SOLELY focused on helping SAP customers get faster, easier and simpler access to their data and enabling end users to create their own data visualisations. Our implementation team can have you up and running within a week.
Check out our solutions below!


Solution Template

Modernize your Accounts Receivable reporting capabilities with the Simplement AR Solution Template. You don’t need to start from scratch. The Simplement AR Solution Template delivers a productive insightful report analyzing your data from SAP.


Data Liberator™

Simplement's flagship software product, the Data Liberator™, enables Business Intelligence for everyone. It frees your data in SAP for fast, real-time, flexible reporting using familiar Microsoft products.

Our Sap Data Dashboard

What We Do

Multiple Target

Many Simplement customers rely on our products to enable their Enterprise Data Platform strategies. Without the Data Liberator™ , it would be impossible to liberate their data from the confines of the SAP ecosystem, and eventually land it in data warehouses such as Snowflake or Azure Synapse.

Contact us to find out how the Data Liberator™ can enable your organization to land your data in AWS, Azure, Snowflake, or other data platforms, and get the maximum value of your data on using the tools and platforms of your preference.


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