Simplement is first and foremost an Independent Software Vendor (ISV). Our consulting offering is focused around Rapid Results deployment, initial knowledge transfer, and mentoring to make Better Decisions Faster. Our goal is to help you get started with the Data Liberator™ in days or weeks, giving you the freedom of self-sufficiency for years.

Our Approach



All new customer relationships begin with an evaluation and planning process to understand your specific objectives, confirm requirements, and evaluate how to best leverage your existing assets, both technology and people, with the Simplement solutions. Every customer has a different existing blend of back-end SAP technologies and front-end Microsoft technologies (SharePoint, Excel, etc.), with a unique landscape of third-party systems. Road maps and goals often differ. Priorities differ, in terms of what SAP reporting pain points must be addressed first. Simplement is able to effectively and efficiently help you identify and evaluate your options for moving forward.




Rapid Results is the natural outgrowth of Simplement’s software combined with the philosophy of following an incremental approach to business intelligence initiatives. Unlike yesteryear, the flexibility and agility of the Simplement + Microsoft solution means that all requirements, both current and future, don’t need to be identified and documented up front, prior to the initial report development. Instead, you’re able to get started right away with your own custom reports, and with our out-of-the-box Smart Starts™ that can be easily extended and modified.




Simplement’s core services related to the Data Liberator™ and Smart Starts™ include: setup (days, not weeks), documentation of installation configuration and knowledge transfer. Many customers also take advantage of Simplement’s expertise for mentoring, data “wrangling” (identification of SAP data and development of custom views and models for the consumption of specific data), multi-source data integration, BI strategy and architecture, tool and product evaluation, analysis of High Availability and Disaster Recovery options, SAP upgrade support, and other data related challenges facing the modern global enterprise.




Simplement’s success is based on its outstanding customer support and the team's ability to deliver the solution they promised. A variety of support options are available to meet your needs. Many customers start with the Data Liberator™ as a Tier 2 or lower system. Once end-users embrace the new reporting and analytics, support service levels (and HA/DR) need to be adjusted to reflect the growing importance and mission – critical nature of the systems relying on the liberated data.