A/R Solution Template


Accounts Receivable Solution Template

Modernize your Accounts Receivable reporting capabilities with Simplement's A/R Solution Template. You don’t need to start from scratch as the Simplement A/R Solution Template delivers a productive insightful report analyzing your data from SAP.

The product combines ETL and enabled views based on your SAP data and delivers a basic snapshot of high level Accounts Receivable, complete with business logic and basic aging report insight.

Get a fresh look at your Accounts Receivable with a new Microsoft-based Data Visualization and Reporting snapshot. You’ll be amazed to see how quickly you can analyze your way to immediate and future revenue with this introductory solution!

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Simplement’s Accounts Receivable Solution Template is the first step in the journey to insightful productivity and real-time interactive SAP reporting. The Simplement Data Liberator™ and Smart Starts™ products are the next steps to a truly integrated and robust real-time reporting environment sourced from SAP systems. Learn the three steps to Success - with Simplement.


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